Great Small Works 10th International

and Free Toy Theater Museum
JUNE 14 thru 23, 2013
St. Ann's Warehouse, DUMBO Brooklyn NYC

This June, Great Small Works will once again transform St. Ann's Warehouse into a world of fantastical small-scale stages, with tiny theaters from around the world, across the States, and down the block. A colossal event of miniature proportions!


By phone:
(Tue - Sat, 1 - 7pm)

In Person:
St. Ann's Warehouse
Box Office • map
(Tue - Sat, 1 - 6pm)

Festival Pass $75*
Festival Pass includes admission to all shows except Janie Geiser, and the Workshop

Main Stage

$ 20; Kids $10

Great Small Stages

Intimate entertainments
staged within the
Toy Theater Museum.
Seating limited to
30 per show!

$10 for all

Family Programs
$ 20; Kids $10

Janie Geiser's
The Reptile Under
the Flowers

This show is
not recommended
for kids under 14

Public Workshop
$20; Kids $10*

Week 1
Fri 14 Jun 7:30pm Main Stage: Program 1
  7:30 Great Small Stages: Torry Bend,
Evolve Company
  9:00 Great Small Stages: Little Blue Moon
  10:00 Toy Theater Slam!
Sat 15 Jun 2:00pm Greatest Smallest Parade
  3:00 Museum Opening Reception
  7:30 Main Stage: Program 1
  7:30 Great Small Stages:
Evolve Company, Little Blue Moon
  9:00 Great Small Stages: Torry Bend,
Yulya Dukovny
  10:00 Main Stage: Program 2
Sun 16 Jun 11:00am Family Program 1A
  2:00pm Family Program 1B
  4:00 Symposium: Toy Theater and the Camera
  7:30 Main Stage: Program 2
  7:30 Great Small Stages: Yulya Dukovny,
Little Blue Moon
  9:00 Great Small Stages: Torry Bend
Week 2
Wed 19 Jun 7:30pm Main Stage: Program 3 followed by
Post-Show Discussion
  7:30pm Great Small Stages: Deborah Kaufmann
  8 - 9:00 Janie Geiser: The Reptile Under the Flowers*
Thu 20 Jun 7:30pm Main Stage: Program 3
  7:30pm Great Small Stages: Deborah Kaufmann
  8-9:45 Janie Geiser: The Reptile Under the Flowers*
  10:00 Main Stage: Program 4
Fri 21 Jun 7:30pm Main Stage: Program 4
  7:30pm Great Small Stages: Robert Poulter
  8-9:45 Janie Geiser: The Reptile Under the Flowers*
  10:00 Main Stage: Program 5
Sat 22 Jun 1:00pm Toy Theater Workshop
  7:30 Main Stage: Program 5
  7:30 Great Small Stages: Robert Poulter
  8-9:45 Janie Geiser: The Reptile Under the Flowers*
  10:00 Main Stage: Program 6
Sun 23 Jun 11:00am Family Program 2A
  2:00pm Family Program 2B
  7:00 Mini Performances in the Museum
  7:30 Main Stage: Program 6
  7:30 Great Small Stages: Robert Poulter

Janie Geiser: The Reptile Under the Flowers*



Toy Theater Museum, Greatest Smallest Parade,
and Mini Performances in the Museum
are all FREE and open to the public!

* Reservations to individual shows must still be made and the pass does not guarantee admittance to all performances. There are a limited number of Festival Passes available.

An afternoon of FREE events!
Opening Celebration • Saturday June 15th
Greatest Smallest

The Opening Reception will be heralded by the Greatest Smallest Parade! Tiny floats accompanied by a full-force marching brass band will wind through the sidewalks of DUMBO and finish at the Warehouse, where all the rolling, shoebox-sized masterpieces will be displayed.
Toy Theater Museum
Opening Reception
3:00 - 5:00pm

See the finest examples of traditional and contemporary toy theaters mounted throughout St. Ann's Warehouse, both historical stages and artwork representing visual artists reinterpreting the toy theater form. Curated by Emmy Bean.

The Temporary Toy Theater Museum is free and open to the public one hour before all showtimes.
featuring violin and voice interludes by the incomparable
Rima Fand

Dave Worobec/Tophat Theater
(Boston, MA)
Excerpts from Oklahoma!

Using action figures and plastic toys, recent Boston Conservatory graduate Worobec sings and speaks all the parts.

Alma Sheppard-Matsuo (NYC)
Little Red Riding Hood
(a story about student debt)

Activist and puppeteer Alma brings the current student debt crisis to an age-old fairy tale.

Michael Sommers and
Open Eye Theater (Minneapolis, MN)
Suitcase Narrative: Three Small Things

Performed in a suitcase, with trick marionettes, a "cranky," and gibberish, narrating three small things: Before, Now, and Later.

Charlie Kanev (NYC)
The Curious Adventures
of Morbid Melvin

14-year-old puppeteer Kanev tells the story of Melvin as he runs away from home and his crazy mother's reign of evil. With original music created and performed by Rima Fand.

Drama of Works (NYC)
Celebrity Wizard of Oz

A fun romp with impersonations, bad puns and an exploration of the little-told literary story which has long been bastardized by the well-known film.

Liz Joyce & Alex Khludov (Sag Harbo, NY)
Baba Yaga vs. Bat Man

Gotham City hasn't been the same since she got here and her bad habit of baked young boys is creating a plume of trouble. Will Baba Yaga be stopped by our Dynamic Duo? Find out in this thrilling episode in living color and on paper!

Marta Mozelle (NYC)
Who's Lovin' You

A short work inspired by the Jackson 5 song blending comic book conventions, toy theater, and cinematic effects.

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People's Puppets of Occupy Wall Street
How Do We Show Solidarity?
Originally created for an international live-stream performance based in Cairo, by the still vibrantly active OWS puppeteers. Follow them on Twitter: #Power2thePuppet

HiveMind Theater (NYC)
Chan Thou's Tuk-Tuk
What does a devout Buddhist do when confronted with an enemy? The true story of a Cambodian tuk-tuk driver faced with a moral dilemma: how to deal with his passenger, a former Khmer Rouge leader. Inspired by real-life travels in Cambodia, and the complexities of life in a nation recovering from trauma. HiveMind Theater is: Emily Leshner, Ryan Minezzi, and Jennifer Onopa.

Little Did Productions (NYC)
Eli the Luthier
A dark and haunting fairy tale about a lonesome luthier and the Baron's daughter, conceived by Jessica Marie Lorence using pop-up puppetry, and original music by Luke Santy.

Martina Plag & Lorna Howley
(Philadelphia, PA)
Emma's Parlor
An adaptation of Howard Zinn's play about the life and times of Emma Goldman, "embodies the notion of innovation in performance." –Philadelphia City Paper

Valeska Populoh (Baltimore, MD)
Garment Workers Tale
Inspired by historic accounts and archival photos of garment workers and immigrants at the end of the 19th century in Baltimore and New York City. Music composed by Patrick McMinn and Jonah Beram.

Great Small Works (NYC)
Toy Theater of Terror As Usual
Episode 13: Whistles and Leaks

The latest in Great Small Works' 20-year-running news-based series, this episode addressing freedom of information and the travails of PFC Bradley Manning.

Michael Sommers/Open Eye Theater
(Minneapolis, MN)
Suitcase Narrative:
Three Small Things

Performed in a suitcase, with trick marionettes, a cranky and gibberish, narrating three small things: Before, Now and Later.

Liz Joyce & Alex Khludov (Sag Harbor)
Baba Yaga vs. Bat Man

Gotham City hasn't been the same since she got here and her bad habit of baked young boys is creating a plume of trouble. Will Baba Yaga be stopped by our Dynamic Duo? Find out in this thrilling episode in living color and on paper!

Dolly Wagglers Puppet Co.
(Glover, VT)
Bavarian Folk Tale
With cardboard cut-outs and original live music, five scenes depict the migration of a band of comical miners in pursuit of "stuff." Greed, protest, owls, donkeys and a ferocious giant!

Pontine Theater (Portsmouth, NH)
A Memorable Murder
The story of a famous 19th century crime, "one of the most monstrous tragedies ever enacted on this planet," which took place on the Isles of Shoals off the coast of Portsmouth. Design by Greg Gathers; performed by Gathers and Marguerite Mathews.

Intimate entertainments staged within the Toy Theater Museum
Seating limited to 30 per show!

Torry Bend (Durham, NC)
Paper Hat Game
Fusing video and toy theater in a constantly shifting landscape of city life, the true story of the Paper Hat Guy who handed out paper hats on the Chicago L.

Evolve Company (NYC)
Secrets History Remembers
Performed in and around the body of a 7-foot tall doll, Tanya Khordoc & Barry Weil's multimedia collage is an hilarious and moving journey through the conflicted soul of 20th Century America.

Michael & Valerie Nelson's Little Blue Moon Theater (Vallejo, CA)
Roman Reverie
Harold and Eve go to Italy for a vacation, have a big fight on their first night, split up, and each go on their own involuntary quest through the Roman pantheon. Presented by the adult-themed wing of Magical Moonshine Theater.

Yulya Dukhovny (Los Angeles, CA)
Fisherman's Dream
In this adaptation of A. Pushkin's 1875 fairy tale, live performance in a 13x18" proscenium is accompanied by a silent movie where small paper figures appear in real-life natural settings. Original piano score composed by Y. Dukhovny.

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Family Program II (1 hour, 5 minutes)
Sun 23 Jun @11:00am - Buy tickets here
Sun 23 Jun @ 2:00pm - Buy tickets here

Barbara Steinitz & Björn Kollin (Berlin, Germany) - Programs 1A, 1B, 2B
Schnurzpiepegal (Like Master, Like Dog)
A picture book written and illustrated by Ms. Steinitz comes to life, performed out of a suitcase, with live music created and played on an array of instruments by Mr. Kollin. A humorous love story about outsiders who overcome their loneliness and people's prejudices by accepting themselves.

Puppetkabob (Portland, OR)

Programs 2A, 2B
The Snowflake Man
Inspired by Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley, the self-educated farmer and scientist who attracted world attention when he became the first person to photograph a single snow crystal.

Puppet Junction Productions (Brooklyn) Programs 1B, 2A
A young spider goes on an accidental family vacation inside a vacuum cleaner—a vacation that turns into a great escape! Created by Serra Hirsch, playwright Benjamin Walker Sampson, original music by Arlen Hart.

Alphabet Arts (NYC) - Programs 2A, 2B
Fable of the Flying Fox
A gluttonous fox soars through treetops stealing eggs from unguarded bird nests. A blend of toy theater, poetry, and live music creates a haunting allegory about greed.

You and Me Puppets
(Reading, MA) - Program 1A
Sleeping Beauty

The classic fairy tale told with the use of pop-up scenery and set by Agusta Agustasson, and toy theater figures designed, built and performed by Judith O'Hare.

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A themed program about the social responses
to and consequences of natural and
unnatural disasters.

Program 3 (1 hour, 25 minutes)
Wed 19 Jun @7:30pm - Buy tickets here
Thu 20 Jun @ 7:30pm - Buy tickets here


Program 4 (1 hour, 40 minutes)
Thur 20 Jun @ 10:00pm - Buy tickets here
Fri 21 Jun @ 7:30pm - Buy tickets here

Great Small Works and Friends
(Cambridge, MA and Townshend, VT)
Blue Skies
Scenes of flood, tornado, wind and rain question the politics of weather disaster. Created and performed by Isaac Bell, Trudi Cohen, Cate Kelley, Jonathan Kelley and Ron Kelley.

Erik Ruin and Maryann Colella
(Providence, RI)

One Touch of Nature
Makes the Whole World Kin

Artist Ruin's sprawling silkscreened graphics come to life to address disasters and the organic mutual aid efforts which arise in their wake. Text from Rebecca Solnit's A Paradise Built In Hell.

Puppeteers Cooperative (Boston, MA)

Street Scene
Watching the city dance to the rhythms of daily life, as the waves of disaster break against the walls of habit and small pleasures.

Great Small Works (NYC)

Sandy Sandy Sandy
A terrible storm has just hit, and the underwater population of New York is dealing with its aftermath. The third installment of an oral history-based soap opera created in a fish tank by Jenny Romaine and Roberto Rossi.

Beth Nixon/ Ramshackle Enterprises
(Providence, RI)

Lava Fossil
A suitcase theater show about a dad, a crab, a dentist and where things go when they are gone. Plus! The secret life of eel grass, and how to measure grief with a ruler.

Animal Cracker Conspiracy
(San Diego, CA)

The Way of the Mask
A poetic journey into personal history in the shadow of First Nations identity and Colonialist incursions into the environment, an homage to growing up adopted and connecting with the spirit of the cedar.

Daniel Rosza Lang/Levitsky (NYC)
a little ambiguity over there
(theater poems by ruth krauss)

Showcasing the beloved children's book writer ("The Carrot Seed,""A Hole Is To Dig") and lifelong radical's playfully surreal work for the stage.

Jessica Peri Chalmers & Mike Stumm
(Chicago, IL)

Let's Copy Each Other
So We Can Be Copy Cats

Part-puppet, part-people show about parents who speak for, through, over and sometimes even to their puppet-kids.  With Mike Stumm, Diana Slickman, Jeanette Vigne and Billy Dee

Zach Dorn (Pittsburgh, PA)

Five Excruciatingly Ordinary
Toy Theater Shows

In 1994, brothers Bert and John Jacobs created the first t-shirts, baseball hats, and coasters branding their credo "Life is Good" across life-loving Americans. 20 years later, Dorn hopes to revitalize the Jacob Brothers' slogan for a new generation with his own motto, "Life is Unremarkable." He transforms five ordinary journal entries into live projected toy theater spectacles.

Special Post-Show Discussion
Wednesday June 19
Who Is Feeling the Heat?
The Program 3 performance on Wednesday June 19 will be followed by a Post-Show Discussion: Who Is Feeling The Heat? Moving the National and Local Discussion of Climate Change.
With Helena Wong, Executive Director of CAAAV Organzing Asian Communities, and Jenny Action, Organizer, Occupy Sandy. Hosted by Jenny Romaine and Rachel Schragis.

From Great Small Works' Sandy Sandy Sandy
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Saturday June 22, 1:00pm
Learn about the history and construction of toy theater stages and puppets, then create your own personal story - in a box!? All ages welcome. Duration: three hours. Adults $20, kids $10.


Program 5 (1 hour, 35 minutes)
Fri 21 Jun @ 10:00pm - Buy tickets here
Sat 22 Jun @ 7:30pm - Buy tickets here


Program 6 (1 hour, 35 minutes)
Sat 22 Jun @ 10:00pm - Buy tickets here
Sun 23 Jun @ 7:30pm - Buy tickets here

Clare Dolan/The Museum of Everyday Life (Glover, VT)
Alternating scenes between the streets of Shanghai, a savannah in Africa, and her parents' modest Chicago bungalow, Dolan weaves the stories of these diverse locations into a brief, humorous, and ethereal meditation on her mother's last few days on earth.

Great Small Works with Ensemble Pi
Eisler on the Go
A visual narrative set to the music of one of the great, politically engaged composers of the mid-20th century. Created by Stephen Kaplin, Jenny Romaine, Roberto Rossi. Musical direction and piano: Idith Meshulam. Vocals: Richard Chang. With Meredith Holch, Gregory Corbino.

Kathleen Kennedy Tobin (NYC)
The Storming of the Winter Palace
A 2013 puppet re-enactment of the 1920 Bolshevik re-enactment of The Storming of the Winter Palace, October 1917.

Papel Machete (San Juan, PR)
We'll Fight with You
About foreclosures and the struggle for affordable housing in Boston, using actual stories and images from the campaigns of housing rights organization City Life/Vida Urbana.

Kevin P. Hale / Playlab NYC 
Poe-Dunk: A Matchbox Entertainment
An itty-bitty puppet repertoire of obscure curios, marginalia, and even a couple of popular classics from America's most versatile writer.

Facto Teatro (Mexico City)

Don Chico con Alas
Based on a story by Mexican writer Eraclio Zepeda, the brave Don Chico decides he must build himself wings to reach the sky. Alejandro Benítez, Mauricio Martínez and Antonio Cerezo.

Paul Spirito (Hartford, CT)
A biographical suitcase show about Filomena Capirchio, the grandmother of the artist, and her experiences growing up in a depression era immigrant family in America.

Handsome Meat Company
(San Diego, CA)

The Apprentice
Tradesman: long lost. Porterhouse: master. New York: counter clerk. Ground chuck: apprentice. Banjo: the giggler. A paper doll piece based on Of Abattoir and Oleander, the story of Max Robert Daily's journeyman travels. Sound by Scott Neilson, music by Dom Gambini.

Amanda Villalobos & Kate Scelsa (NYC)
Sister Adorers in the Cardboard Convent
It's a night for entertainments here in the Cardboard Convent, but before you may enter the theater, Sister Redempta must ask you to account for your sins.  "Particular Friendships" between sisters will not be tolerated.  Only through an examen of consciousness will you be absolved.

Julia Smith (NYC)
21 Things I Never Told Chicago
Wander through the city's myths and memories, peeping and peering into worlds on a scale from the Sears Tower to a stick of Wrigley's gum.

From 21 Things I Never Told Chicago
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Janie Geiser (Los Angeles, CA)
The Reptile Under the Flowers
A peepshow/diorama performance in twelve scenes that incorporates puppetry, mechanical performing objects, small projections, music, and sound to create an intimate miniature spectacle. Performed by an ensemble of 15 performers for groups of eight people traveling at a time, The Reptile Under the Flowers builds its narrative through the accumulation of small actions and events, without text or dialogue, and follows the intersecting lives of a father, mother, and son.

The Reptile Under the Flowers is a production of Automata in association with the CalArts Center for New Performance

Conceived, directed, and designed by Janie Geiser. Music composed by Valerie Opielski.
Please note this show is not included in Festival Pass privileges.

Buy tickets for The Reptile Under the Flowers here

Intimate entertainments staged within the Toy Theater Museum
Seating limited to 30 per show!

Robert Poulter's New Model Theatre (Ramsgate, U.K.)
The Mummy's Purse
A comic historic romp based on classic Egyptian horror movies of the 30's, with fast moving changes of scene and location from Egypt's ancient past. This "Titan of toy theater" literally wrote the book on modern paper theater technique.

Fri 21 Jun @ 7:30pm  - Buy tickets here
Sat 22 Jun @ 7:30pm  - Buy tickets here
Sun 23 Jun @7:30pm  - Buy tickets here

Deborah Kaufmann (NYC)
Buried Alive! A Matchbook Theater
Based on historical and medical facts, a frightfully funny exploration of our fear of being buried alive and of the curious phenomenon of 19th Century "waiting mortuaries."

Wed 19 Jun @ 7:30pm  - Buy tickets here
Thurs 20 Jun @ 7:30pm  - Buy tickets here

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Toy Theater and The Camera
Sunday June 16th, 4:00pm

John Bell, Host (Great Small Works)

Raquel Salvatella da Prada,
Torry Bend
(Duke University)

Mark Sussman (Great Small Works)

Marguerite Mathews,
Greg Gathers (Pontine Theater)

Toy theater and the camera have a long and complex history: live performances incorporate video, film has included or consisted solely of toy theater effects. Excerpts from Pontine's "House of Seven Gables" will be shown, and festival artists will examine the different ways they combine these elements to celebrate the compressed power of the miniature.

by New York artists - in the Museum and Lobby
Sunday June 23rd, 7:00pm - FREE!

Ed Valentine
The Lives and Deaths of Sea Monkeys

Amanda Villalobos
Confessionals from Sister Adorers
in a Cardboard Convent

Chris Green

Pavi Mehta

Tom Horan & Elissa Castles
The King and the Clockmaker

Alphabet Arts
Folk Opera

Julia Smith
Peep Shows from 21 Things I Never Told Chicago

Toni Schlesinger
A Tropical Love Poem

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Great Small Works
Company: John Bell, Trudi Cohen, Stephen Kaplin,
Jenny Romaine, Roberto Rossi, Mark Sussman

Board of Directors: Phillip Chung, Marilynn Donini, Larissa Harris, Judith Helfand, Joel Kovel,
Michael Romanyshyn (and the Company)

General Counsel: Phyllis Gelman

Festival Staff
Technical Director, Janet Clancy
Production Managers: Meghan Williams, Andrea Rideout
Museum Curator: Emmy Bean
Program Associates: Erin Orr, Lake Simons
Lighting Designer: Jeanette Yew
Construction: Jason Hicks
Illustration: Erica Harris
Graphic and GSW Website Design: Sean-Michael Fleming
Great Small Works wishes to thank the following for their generous support: St. Ann's Warehouse
NY State Council on the Arts, Scherman Foundation, Mental Insight Foundation,
Tom Andrews and Turning Star, Mexican Cultural Institute in NewYork, and many individual donors.
We are also grateful for the profound generosity of scores of puppeteers,
performers, visual artists, and volunteers.

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